Grill’d Leederville, WA


I was recently flown back to my home state of WA to complete an exterior wall mural and internal artworks of the new Grill’d store in Leederville, Perth, WA. I had just over a week to come up with a design and install the final cut.

Was great to be back and see all my friends in Perth, was a shame I couldn’t make it 300kms South to my farm, but I didn’t have much time. Two and a half days to complete the whole project. 1 x external wall and 4 x internal walls. It was pretty intense. Especially because I used all house paint and brushwork, mostly on panelling with V joints. I hate V joints.

But I got it done, and pretty happy with the outcome.

Massive thanks to my dear friend Shine for driving the 300km to help me paint under pressure. I can’t thank you enough… Also to Wendy, Scott and Layla for having me and showing me such a good time. Love you guys, hope I’ll be back there soon x