Sidewayz 2012 / Valkyre

I’ve been working on a new series of works, based on the photos of fellow explorer and friend Valkyre. He inspires me alot and his photos are beautifully composed and sharp. They are… Continue reading


So I just realized I never posted any interviews I’ve done this year. I find interviews difficult. I mean, who really cares what I think or say? Meh… However, if you do, have… Continue reading


I’ve been meaning to get to this site for ages. I’d heard it had been demolished, then not, then demolished again… Always rumours. Had to go have a look for myself and see if it… Continue reading

Cold Wednesday

Its been way too long between adventures. Theres been heaps of transitions going on at my workplace and I’m back to only working weekends, but have started working on a new project to… Continue reading

Bradmill revisited

I’ve been dying to get out and paint again. Has been too long! So when a friend of mine showed interest in checking out Bradmill, I thought it was a great time to… Continue reading

Yearbook 11/12

Its been exactly a year since I started sharing/showing my artwork in Melbourne. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter. I’ve learnt a lot this year, but feel there’s so much more… Continue reading

Where it all began…

My mum is visiting from WA. I’m taking some time off exploring and such to spend time with her. Last time she was here she broke her leg on my solo show opening… Continue reading

Homemade tattoo by Miso

I was lucky enough to get a homemade, on the spot tattoo by Miso in her studio she shares with Ghostpatrol. Their studio is located in a building I’ve wanted to be inside… Continue reading


Yesterday was my birthday,  no biggie, just another year older. But I had to enjoy the sun setting from at least 25floors up for my day of birth. And what a perfect roof it… Continue reading

Another I & the Others colab…

Winter is arriving in Melbourne. On a miserable rainy day, I had the pleasure of  hanging out with I and the Others again. We’d planned to either play in the studio or out… Continue reading